The C.E.O

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved (William Jennings Bryan)


Technoserve Ghana 2010 (Believe, Begin, Become), award winner

Technoserve Ghana 2014 (ENGINE program), award winner

Standford Seed Program Graduate (One Year Course) 2016

Vital Voices Growth Program Graduate (One Year Course) 2016

Women In Business (C.E.Os)Awards Program, South Africa 2015

Most Influential woman in business 2015 (women in business) South Africa, finalist

The journey started in October 2007, two years after I had completed university with bachelors in Biochemistry. I have had the opportunity to work in a pharmaceutical establishment within these two years. Within this short period I found the system so routine and unchallenging. Graduate unemployment was all time high within this period.

The only antidote this unchallenging circumstance left for me was to BLAZE THE TRAIL thereby proving to fellow graduates without jobs that it is possible to make a living starting with a little capital and an idea.

By October 2007, I incorporated TIWAJO INDUSTRY LIMITED with my husband who is also a biochemist. By December 2007, I tended in my resignation and started out with the manufacturing of yoghurt in sachets targeting school children in the eastern region of Ghana. I remember how we started with only 20 pieces of yoghurt sachets on the first day and setting out into an unknown terrain. It was a feel of uncertainty at its best but, my only motivation was that I had burnt all the bridges behind me to prevent a re-track. It was a “FORWARD EVER” MARCH.

Three years down the lane, I won an award with the yoghurt in a national business plan competition organized by Technoserve dubbed BBB (Believe begin become). Not long in the same year, our nation (Ghana) was plunged by an electricity crisis. The lack of energy was quickly eroding the gains we had made as a business. I quickly had to re-strategize and launch into an area of business where storage will not depend on electricity. PARIDOX RANGE OF COSMETICS was the result.

At the moment we sell the paridox black soap shower gel and black soap (solid) in all leading supermarkets in Ghana, we export to the US, Canada, Nigeria, The Gambia etc. We started with only twenty bottles in our porch at home. We marketed the paridox range and then completely stopped the production of ice creams.

My message to the teeming of Africa is that the ideal lifestyles and opportunities we dream of is possible right here in Africa. All we need is a dint of hard work, self-discipline and determination to excel in any endeavor that comes our way. To the teeming graduate youth of Africa I say we must blaze the trail and get the under privileged in our society unto the bandwagon of Hope.

Serving as a conduit for hope, I have had to train several women and youth in enterprise development. I also speak voluntarily to various youth groupings on entrepreneurial development. I end with this quote: